What to look for in a Quality AK-47 Rifle

1. Build Quality

With any firearm, the overall quality of the build can make or break your shooting experience. It’s especially true with the Buy AK-47 Rifle Online. A well-done AK is a reliable gun that will perform well above most people’s expectations and will likely last a lifetime, assuming some essential maintenance. On the other hand, a poorly built AK-47 Rifle for sale is unreliable and a danger to its user.

2. Milled Vs. Stamped Receivers

In general, there are two ways to make an AK-47: milling and stamping. A milled receiver starts with a block of metal that is machined into the required specifications. The resulting receiver is heavy but generally very strong. Stamping, on the other hand, begins with a sheet of metal that is folded into place: the result is a rifle that is lighter and much faster to produce but less durable than its milled counterpart.

3. Barrel Length

AK pistols with short barrels are certainly available, but you’ll be in brace territory (a familiar landscape for anyone who runs an AR pistol). No stocks or forward handgrips allowed — making them fun but challenging to use much beyond 50 yards.

4. Furniture

For most of us, who are coming to the AK from the AR world, the furniture on an AK can seem a little complicated, less modular, and frustrating. In the never-ending battle of AK-47 Rifle for sale vs. AR, the modularity of the Buy AK-47 Rifle Online, especially early models, is often called into question. These days, however, there are many options to get the most out of your Kalash.

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