What is an AR12?

Buy AR12 riffle Online is a tactical AR-15-style semi-automatic shotgun in 12 gauge, the most common shotgun bore. We say “style” because their internals are vastly different from an AR-15 rifle or pistol with few, if any, interchangeable parts, while still creating a performance-oriented platform. AR12 riffle for sale and  Order AR12 riffle Online

      Where did AR-style shotguns come from?

Semi-auto shotguns have been around for over 120 years, with John Browning’s iconic “humpback” Auto 5 being designed in 1898 during the administration of President William McKinley– the latter a decorated Civil War vet.

What to look for in a Quality AR12

Without a doubt, there has never been a better selection of autoloading shotguns in circulation at any time in history than there is today.

1. Intended Use

Modern gas-operated semi-autos with a traditional horizontally oriented under-barrel tube-magazine layout, such as the excellent Beretta 1301 and Benelli M4, can have their capacity stretched with extended tubes but these add length and weight to the frontend of the gun.

2. Capacity

Having 10 or more rounds of 12 gauge ammunition on tap, reloading only takes a couple of seconds if there is a fresh mag available, meaning big medicine if needed and a heck of a lot of fun on the range. Add in support for drum mags and you’ve got a serious amount of firepower on tap

Why use  Order AR12 riffle Online?

  • Better Accessory Support. In more food for thought, AR12 riffle for sale often ship with decent AR-style front and rear flip-up sights and are ready to right out of the box for accessories and optics, slathered with standard Picatinny rails and M-LOKish slots across the barrel and upper receiver. Compare this to something like a Mossberg 500 shotgun, which usually just comes with a corncob front pump handle, sling swivel posts, barrel with a manual safety, and a simple bead for a sight.
  • Less Recoil. In another comparison to pump or break-action shotguns, semi-auto shotguns as a rule have a lighter recoil impulse when shooting the same loads because some of the pressure from the shell is used to cycle the action. Our findings are that this generally translates to faster follow-up shots and more accuracy than their pump-action comrades.
  • Customization. Likewise, the furniture on most of the shotguns hailing from Anatolia is mostly the same, with a molded rubber grip and a fixed stock with an adjustable cheek riser and butt pad, giving you a number of ways to make your AR12 your own, even in the absence of truly deep aftermarket support.

Meanwhile, Buy AR12 riffle Online is a tactical AR-15-style semi-automatic shotgun in 12 gauge, the most common shotgun bore. style semi-auto shotguns, with their vertical-oriented box or drum mags keep the package shorter, which is ideal for use in home defense or transitioning around targets in a competition.

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