What Is A Bullpup And Why Would I Want One?

Essentially, the Buy Bullpup Shotgun Online—be it bullpup shotgun for sale or bullpup rifle for sale —is simply a design that moves the action from above the trigger to behind it. It’s as uncomplicated as that and has a profound effect on performance. At the same time, it shortens the overall length of the firearm, while maintaining its ballistic potential. It’s quite a feat when you consider it. Order Bullpup Shotgun Online

The easiest way to shorten the length of a firearm is to trim down the barrel. Just like that, the gun is shorter. But you potentially pay a price in ballistic performance given most cartridges (or shotgun shells) produce more velocity through a longer bore. Conversely, the bullpup ignores barrel length and shortens the system by kicking everything back a few inches.

Details of Order Bullpup Shotgun Online

There are pros and cons to this approach, which we go in-depth on in our piece about bullpup rifles.

Buy Bullpup Shotgun Online is a shotgun that relocates the action from in front of the trigger to behind it. The result is a more maneuverable and compact shotgun. Palmetto State Armory has a wide variety of Bullpup Shotgun for sale from ATI, Black Aces Tactical, Rock Island Armory, and many more. We have you covered from shotguns to shotgun ammo.

Trying to find the best bullpup? Fire Arms Gallery has a great selection of the best bullpup rifles and shotguns on the market. Order Bullpup Shotgun Online have the action behind the trigger, which makes them generally shorter in length – it almost looks like you pushed the barrel and stock together! Bullpups combine the advantages of a longer barrel, like a higher muzzle velocity, with the shorter size and lighter weight of a smaller gun. Some great examples of bullpup rifles are the IWI Tavor series and the Steyr AUG.

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