Condition: New
Manufacturer: Federal
Model: Practice & Defend
Caliber: 9mm Luger
Number of Rounds: 100
SKU: 604544653601
UPC: 604544653601


Federal Premium Practice & Defend HST 9mm Luger Ammo 147

Buy Federal Premium Practice & Defend 9mm Ammo rounds fires a 147-grain projectile with a wide mouth, deep cavity, and long serrations which guarantee reliable expansion at varying distances and velocities. Defend yourself with some of the best cartridge technology available when you load up with these HSTs from Federal’s Personal Defense line. Federal Premium Practice & Defend 9mm Ammo¬† for sale

The heavy weight helps it penetrate deeply and deliver incredible energy when its expanded form causes it to halt in vital areas. This transfer of momentum imposes maximum damage and helps to end drop threatening targets with superb efficiency. The cartridge profile is completed with a non-corrosive Boxer primer, a reloadable brass casing, and low-flash powder which reduces blinding for the user.

The use of nickel plated brass ensures dependable feeding, unhindered extraction, and resistance from moisture either in storage or when kept on the belt. Buy Federal Premium Practice & Defend 9mm Ammo has been around for nearly a century and is responsible for making some of the most consistently performing ammo on the market today. HST rounds are a highly sought-after option for personal protection.

Pair the self-defense load proven by law enforcement with the industry’s most complete training ammunition for a combination like no other. Federal Practice and Defend Packs include 50 HST Personal Defense loads and 50 Syntech Training Match rounds. All produce identical velocities, trajectories and point of impact for the most realistic training and utmost protection.


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