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Buy 300 Winchester Magnum BoltAction Rifle Online In USA

Are you looking for a firearm built on the most popular X-Bolt rifle? Then we welcome you to buy our firearms gallery’s remarkable Bolt-action rifle ” Masterpiece Arms 300 Winchester Magnum Bolt-Action Rifle for sale “



300 Winchester Magnum Bolt-Action Rifle is manufactured by the “Browning Masterpiece Arms”.

3oo Win Mag bolt-action rifle for sale is for the hunters that don’t shoot less than 20 round boxes of ammo in a year. It is the most popular Bolt-Action rifle having Canyon speed and for increased long-range accuracy it has a heavy sportier contour barrel.


  • Model: 300WMBA Bolt Action Rifle
  • Manufacturer: MasterPiece Arms
  • Barrel Length: 26 inches
  • Barrel Muzzle Thread: 5/8-24 TPI
  • Caliber: 300 Win Mag
  • Weight: 12.73 lbs
  • Trigger: Timmy 510 or Rifle Basix
  • Trigger Pull: 1.5-4 lbs
  • Length of Pull – 13.75-15 inches.

300 Win Mag Bolt Action Rifle carries a composite stock with an Inflex 1, matte blue sling swivel, and a small recoil pad.

It has an exceptional A-TACS AU (Arid-Urban) camouflage finish while the steel receiver possesses a Cerakote Burnt Bronze finish.

The barrel of 300 Win Mag Bolt-Action Rifle has 

  • suppressor threads or threaded muzzle brake 
  • Cerakote Burnt Bronze finish
  • Target Crown

It is free-floating and fluted.

An engraved gold Buck Mark is present on the alloy trigger guard.


Masterpiece Arms 300 Winchester Magnum bolt action rifle also possesses the following features:

  • Hand Lapped 416Rq Stainless Barrel
  • Zero Runout Chamber
  • 1/2 MOA Guarantee
  • Belbly’s Atlas Series Action
  • Aluminum Chassis System
  • Stop
  • Night Vision Bridge
  • Built-in Monopod, Barrier


How Far Will A 300 Win Mag Shoot Accurately?

Masterpiece Arms 300 Win Mag rifle has been adopted by a few specific branches of the U.S military and law enforcement marksmen to use as snipers.

With maximum ammunition incorporating low-drag projectiles, it has an accepted maximum efficient range of 1110 m (1210 yards).

Buy 300 Winchester Magnum Bolt-Action Rifle Online In USA



Due to a few reasons, the 300 Win Mag Rifle has won great popularity among target shooters.

It is one of the flattest shooting projectiles able to handle long distances extremely well with nearly 100% accuracy. So it is one of the most accurate cartridges.

Buy 300 Winchester Magnum Bolt-Action Rifle Online In USA


WHERE TO BUY Masterpiece Arms 300 Winchester Magnum Bolt-Action Rifle for sale:

If you are looking for the best 300 win mag rifle then ” Firearms Gallery” is a reliable and trusted store Online.

We will provide you with your firearm in the best condition with a fast delivery service so you can easily enjoy the best shooting experience.

Buy 300 Winchester Magnum Bolt-Action Rifle Online In UK



300 Winchester magnum bolt action rifle is way faster than the 308 Winchester and maintains its velocity over distance well.

So Hurry up and order online anywhere in the UK and get your rifle at a much lower price.

Buy 300 Winchester Magnum Bolt-Action Rifle Online In UK

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